Behalotcha: The Negen Postulate

I see it through the viewscreen. It is there. It is real. And I know that soon I will be able to touch it. We will all be able to touch it. We’re gathered here, at the viewscreens. Every one of us is here. Our faces are disfigured by cancers. Our bodies are wracked by […]

Naso: The Tapestry of Michael Jr.

There’s a small crowd gathered in the church. They’re all black people, like me. The place is a run-down corner kinda outfit. The bricks are weathered, but they were never particularly nice. It’s like they were recycled from some other building that got burned down. There’s a cement cross plastered onto the side of the […]

Bamidbar: The Blind Man’s Mark

The speaker’s podium is lit up with a spotlight. A man is standing there, wearing the impossibly dark glasses that mark the blind. The man can smell the evening’s meal wafting through the room. The man can hear the sound of cutlery being placed gently on waiting napkins. The man can feel the expectation filling […]

Bamidbar: The Soul of Maria (Miriam)

This doesn’t really work as a short story. So I wrote something new, here. My earliest memory is of my mother, an elegant Latina woman with long and flowing black hair. She and my father were sitting on bar stools at the high kitchen counter. It was night outside the large glass windows of the […]

Shavuot: The Chief

I still remember the locket. It was brass and cheap-looking. But the little girl who had it cared about it. And so, I did too. She brought it to school one day. She pulled it from her pocket. She showed it around the classroom. It had been shined to its battered limits. But her face […]

Behar: Vivaldi’s Concerto in C Minor

I close my eyes and ready myself for the opening notes of Vivaldi’s Cello Concerto in C minor. I know them by heart, I know the entire piece by heart. I’ve heard it thousands of times. But even before the bows of the cellists strike their strings, I know there is something unusual about this […]