The Institution

The weather is wonderful today. The heat of the summer has passed and the autumn air seems to caress us. I can smell the stones on the buildings that surround me. They smell old and worn and wise. I love their smell in the autumn. But what truly grabs me tonight is not the weather, […]

Two-Rivers Judaism (non-fiction)

I’m worried about the future of Judaism. I’m worried because Torah observant Jews seem to have such a hard time with what should be a simple question: “Why do we do this?” Unfortunately, more and more, the answer I’m seeing is just “because.” “…because people before us did it and they must have had a […]

The Contraband

You can imagine a generic suburban bar, trying to be cool and grungy, right? You have the spotless floors done up in some dirty-looking pattern. You have mass-manufactured memorabilia lining the walls. Memorabilia which is identical to that on every other wall in the entire chain. You have the smell of food that isn’t really […]

The Banishment of Eve

Ruth Marquet sat in front of her bank of computer monitors, crying. On her screens, fed to her through a live satellite and drone feed, were the images of a teenaged girl. She was 16 and she was being attacked on the street by a growing mob of people. Her name was Eve and she […]

The Artist (non-fiction)

As a writer, I know that my best work isn’t the work I carefully control. Instead, my best work is done when I set up the parameters and perhaps even the overall story arc and then let the work unfold on its own. I step back and let it flow. Then, sometimes, I can produce […]

The Man in the Cab

Every year I write an Annual Yom Kippur greeting. The following is the 24th edition of this series. I looked at the man sharing the back seat of the cab with me. He was my age, and he looked almost exactly like me. The similarities were incredible; the chances seemed infinitesimal. How did I end […]

Vayeilech: The Barn

It is amazing to me, the smell of the hay. There are so many things I can no longer smell. They’ve just vanished, bit by bit from my reality. All of my senses are dulled, like I’m retreating from the world. I look up, the barn is still far away. A long walk from the […]

Globus Corp

I felt like a little girl in a wonderland when I showed up for my first day at work. I had gone to one of the most sophisticated and modern colleges in the country. Most classes were held off-site, but when you did visit what you saw was a hyper-modern campus. There were grass-covered buildings, […]

Nitzavim-Vayeilech: The Minneapolis Lakes Savings & Trust

There are no walls in my new offices. Instead, each of my team’s desks is shaped like a donut with a seat in the middle. They make me think of the battle stations on some sci-fi star cruiser; everybody’s tools are close at hand, and there are no impediments to communication. All it takes to […]