A Nightmare or a Dream? (non-fiction)

Since the Shoah, Jews have made a point of bringing attention to anti-Semitism. By highlighting those who hate Jews, we hoped to forestall the reemergence of Jew-hatred. Perhaps, for a time, we successfully shamed the world into accepting and even honoring us as we returned to our homeland. But today Jew-hatred and the acceptance of […]


The alley I called home was poorly lit and strewn with discarded needles, food wrappers and the other detritus of homeless living. All of that was bad, but what was worse was the smell. It was a smell of unwashed bodies of rot and of mold. It was the smell of despair. That smell alone […]


Michael’s Story It all started in a bar. The place had all the touches. Dim lighting. The smell of some wood polish. A scattering of mass market mementos that were meant to look cool. And the sorts of perfect lines and surfaces that told you this was a mass-market beer-flogging chain, not some place full […]


When the Internet came to life in the 1990s, many people saw it as an opportunity for greater and deeper human involvement and interaction. But that wasn’t what happened, obviously. Even as the reality became clearer and clearer, a few people still held out hope for something better. My mother was one of them. She […]

The Case of Mahmoud Abu Asbah (non-fiction)

In this week’s rocket attack on Ashkelon, a man named Mahmoud Abu Asbah was killed. His wife was seriously injured. Mahmoud was a Palestinian with valid work papers. He worked in the building in which he was killed. He was not an enemy of Israel. If he had been, he could have killed more Israelis […]


The day I first met my husband, we had already been married for seven years. I remember where I was then. It was a pier in Midtown, part of the New York Ship Passenger Terminal. The place was full of people waiting for arrivals from Europe. Behind us, the traffic on the new West Side […]


I felt the smile leap around my little group. There was no real cause for it. I just looked up and met the eyes of Auiya and I saw the joy there. And she, my oldest friend, saw the joy in my eyes. And then we looked at the others and we realized we were […]