Dementia (Speech)

This is my speech on Parshat Vayechi – as delivered in Kehillat Lechu Neranena. — At the opening of this Parsha, we see Yaacov in an incredible state. His own son needs to be introduced to him. And then one moment he is discussing the future while the next, he seems to relive his wife’s […]


Note: The below story is violent. In addition, I talk about an African version of Christianity that seeks to leverage the spirits of ancestors to help in the present world. It is a concept that (as presented) is very foreign to most forms of Judaism. But some do pray at the graves of great Rabbis […]

Interview with SassonMag!

I recently interviewed with the editor of SassonMag. She writes: Author Joseph Cox has an unusual, Torah-based vision for peaceful co-existence that flavors much of his fiction writing. In this fascinating interview, Joseph describes how his unconventional childhood in Oregon contributed to his highly original take on Jewish fiction. And also explains how a Jewish […]


I open my eyes and am greeted by the image of a woman. I think I know her from somewhere, she seems very familiar. I’m in a bathroom, and she is there as well. The edges of my vision seem hazy, the lights near the mirror seem ill-defined. But she is there. She’s sharply defined. […]


While the following story contains imagery commonly associated with other belief systems, it is part of a dvar Torah (explanation of Torah). In other words: be patient, there’s a point 😊 The thin green smell of the boiling cactus is strong within the hut. Its moisture coats the walls and ceiling. Its smell mixes with […]

The Cousins

The lighting is poor in the library, and the furniture is flimsy and cheap. The place has the non-smell of an almost totally concrete structure. But I am happy here. I’m as happy here as I’ve ever been. All around me, men are studying. Some are studying law, others are simply trying to learn how […]

First book of stories published!

The first book of Torah Shorts (for Vayikra) has been published! It contains the stories I published with that book as well as a bonus story only available with the book. It is available on Amazon and Book Depository and I’m taking orders for a bulk shipment to Israel (for 50NIS). Just contact me if […]