While the following story contains imagery commonly associated with other belief systems, it is part of a dvar Torah (explanation of Torah). In other words: be patient, there’s a point 😊 The thin green smell of the boiling cactus is strong within the hut. Its moisture coats the walls and ceiling. Its smell mixes with […]

The Cousins

The lighting is poor in the library, and the furniture is flimsy and cheap. The place has the non-smell of an almost totally concrete structure. But I am happy here. I’m as happy here as I’ve ever been. All around me, men are studying. Some are studying law, others are simply trying to learn how […]

First book of stories published!

The first book of Torah Shorts (for Vayikra) has been published! It contains the stories I published with that book as well as a bonus story only available with the book. It is available on Amazon and Book Depository and I’m taking orders for a bulk shipment to Israel (for 50NIS). Just contact me if […]