Devarim: Coming of Age

Moses Hassan looked around as he walked slowly to the dais at the west end of the room. There was a good crowd here, nearly three hundred people. Moses wondered what the guests had thought of the party so far. Moses Hassan counted the rich and powerful of the City among his friends. When those […]

Mattot-Masei: The Freedom of Duomba

The street I’m on is made of individually laid bricks, like some fancy district in a Western capital. But this is no western capital. This is Duomba, the capital of the Republic of Garubia. And so – even on the nicest of streets – there is only a veneer of luxury; bricks are missing from […]

Pinchas: The Vision

I still remember the day the kid showed up. I worked on the forty-third floor of a San Francisco offices tower. In a city that admired flatness, bureaucratic and corporate, some industries still valued exclusivity. I was in one of those lines of work. I was a venture capitalist. Not just any venture capitalist though, […]

Balack: Voices

Mohammed glanced nervously around his father’s beautiful wood-lined library. There were thousands of books there, covering everything from Islamic law to military theory. And hanging from every available surface where and graphs he had scrawled out in fits of energy. There was nobody else in the room. Nonetheless, all around him, he could hear voices. […]

Understanding Circumcision (non-fiction)

I’ve been reading about efforts to ban Brit Milah (circumcision) in Scandinavian countries. There is enormous support for these initiatives and so, as a religious Jew, I felt it was important to explain *why* we do circumcision. I’m going to skip all the tradition-based, health-based, and religious-freedom-based arguments.   I’m going to skip to the […]

Chukat: Pete and the Felon

A kid? What the heck was a kid doing in here? I just stared at the boy in front of me, absolutely stunned by what I was seeing. Who in the heck would bring a kid to this place, much less expose him to me? I sat there, confused, while the kid looked around the […]

Korach: The Landow Case

Emily Landow slowly walks towards the front of the court room. It isn’t technically a court room, of course. It is just a chamber for a hearing. As befitted such an administrative function, it isn’t large or fancy. It is small, with plain walls and cheap office furniture. Fluorescent lights glare from the low ceiling. […]

Shelach: The Story of Bahram Ghorbani

There’s no light in this place. No light and no sound. All there is is touch and smell. The touch is of rough concrete surfaces. And the smell is of rot, excrement and death. That’s all I have. That and the very real fear that I will never see anything else again. I’d gone to […]

Behalotcha: The Negen Postulate

I see it through the viewscreen. It is there. It is real. And I know that soon I will be able to touch it. We will all be able to touch it. We’re gathered here, at the viewscreens. Every one of us is here. Our faces are disfigured by cancers. Our bodies are wracked by […]

Naso: The Tapestry of Michael Jr.

There’s a small crowd gathered in the church. They’re all black people, like me. The place is a run-down corner kinda outfit. The bricks are weathered, but they were never particularly nice. It’s like they were recycled from some other building that got burned down. There’s a cement cross plastered onto the side of the […]