Shemini: A Child’s Terror

A boy witnesses the death of Nadav and Avihu The boy looks up at me. He has always struck me with his incredibly intense eyes. But there is fear there now, a deep and troubling fear. “Grandma?” he asks. “Yes,” I answer, my voice shaking. “Is G-d going to kill me too?” I don’t know […]

Pesach: The Gulf Exodus

The offices of the recruitment agency were gleaming. They were clean, modern and full of empty space. It was like no place I’d ever been in before. I felt safe, but now I know I shouldn’t have. I grew up on the edge of Mumbai Airport. We slept, ate, drank and worked in our little […]

Tzav: The Eden Dawn

A biologist discovers another reality This story is available as a podcast (above) or text (below). Click the headline to get to a printable version. It started on June 24th, 2073. At first, Dr. Jillian Smith hadn’t noticed it. But that didn’t last long. Global catastrophes had a way of making themselves noticed. Jillian had […]

Vayikra: Peace

The following is adapted from my book, the City on the Heights ( It is set in northern Iraq, where Maryam has fled with her injured brother Ibrahim. The empty village on the border of the mountainous regions of Kurdistan had only twelve houses. Tiny shards of those mountains seemed to thrust out of the […]

Vayakel-Pekudai: The House of Love

A meth addict is redeemed I sit on a plastic folding chair, looking at the flat concrete slab I’ve created. And I wonder whether she’ll ever come back again. It had all started in an alley. I’d been like some cliché, literally sleeping in that alley. I’d been at the end of the line. I’d […]

The Geopolitics of Purim

After the Vashti episode, Achashverosh sends the following message: “that every man should bear rule in his own house, and speak according to the language of his people.” Why did he bother stating the obvious? (although some might disagree on the ‘bear rule in his own house’ part). The reason is that the early Persian […]

Parshat Ki-Tisa: The Stadium of Light

This Torah Short is about a man who serves coffee a tiny shop on mechanics’ row in Talpiot – until he discovers that he has an unusual power…    Podcast above, and text below… Click the headline to get to a printable version. Aaron Mizrahi slowly climbed the steps to the stage. He could feel the […]

Parshat Tetzaveh: The Secular Kohen

This Torah Short is about an avowedly secular man – who is unexpectedly chosen to be the next Kohen Gadol (High Priest). This story is available as a podcast (above) or text (below). Clock the headline to get to a printable version. I have to say, I was surprised by the knock on my door. […]